BTC Transaction Accelerator

ViaBTC cooperates with multiple mainstream mining pools to provide you with the fastest transaction acceleration service.

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What is the difference between FREE and Paid?

How to use
FREE Submission
  • 01 Enter the TXID

    After signing in, paste or enter the TXID you want to accelerate. The volume of a single transaction must be ≤0.5 KB, and the transaction fee rate should be ≥ 0.0001 BTC/KB.

  • 02 Submit

    By the order of submission, ViaBTC supports 0 FREE acceleration chances per hour.
  • 03 Complete

    We will prioritize the submitted transactions and include them in the next block we mine.

Paid Service
  • 01 Est. acceleration fee

    After login, please paste or enter the TXID you want to accelerate.

  • 02 Pay fees

    Select BTC, BCH or LTC as your payment method and finish payment. The fees will be deducted directly from your account.

  • 03 Complete

    After receiving your acceleration fee, ViaBTC will notify all cooperative mining pools. When any cooperative mining pool produces a block, the mining pool will propose your transaction from the pending transaction memory pool, and prioritize the packaging to achieve transaction acceleration.

What is Transaction Accelerator?

When your transaction status remains pending due to the crowded BTC network or low miner fees, you can use the Transaction Accelerator to accelerate the confirmation.

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Why did my submission for free acceleration fail?
Can I cancel my acceleration submission?
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