7*24 Borrowing & Repayment, Free Your Capital
What is ViaBTC Crypto Loans?
"ViaBTC Crypto Loans" is a financial tool tailored for pool users, making asset flow flexible. Users who are optimistic about long-term value of held cryptocurrencies and need funds to pay daily expenses such as electricity bills and miner maintenance can pledge their crypto assets for ViaBTC loan. Once fully repaid their loans, they can get collateral assets back.
Why ViaBTC Crypto Loans?
Flexible asset flow
Get circulating capital without selling coins
Instant lending
Fast loan arrival after rapid assessment
Borrow and repay at anytime
Open-ended, no service fee charged
How to apply?
01Transfer in collateral asset and submit loan request
02Collateral asset will be frozen by ViaBTC
03ViaBTC credits asset to borrower's loan account
04Repay borrowing and interest, get your collateral asset back
For example
Assuming the current price of BTC is 10,000 USDT, you're a holder of 1 BTC and optimistic about its long-term value. However, you have insufficient funds at hand. You can pledge 1 BTC to borrow 6,000 USDT from ViaBTC for daily turnover. After 30 days, when the price of BTC rises to 12,000 USDT and you repay to get your 1 BTC back, then you earn 2,000 USDT (regardless of other costs).
Q1. What cryptocurrency can I borrow?
Q2. Is there any loan term limit? Can I repay in advance?
Q3. How is the interest calculated?
Q4. Is there any loan limit?
Q5. When borrowing, any requirement on the collateral asset amount?
Q6. Can I repay my loan with collateral asset?
Q7. Can I repay part of the repayment first?
※ All the above contents are for ViaBTC Crypto Loans introduction only and not represent any investment advice.