Hedging Service
Lock In Coin Value, Stabilize Your Mining Income
What is Hedging Service?
The ViaBTC Hedging Service (the Service) is to provide ViaBTC users with a tool to hedge exposure and guarantee earnings in advance. Miners can estimate their mining output in a coming period, then borrow coins via the Service and sell at current market price to lock in their profit ahead of time. Subsequently, their future mining output will be used to repay the borrowings from ViaBTC. In this way, long-term stable mining gains can be obtained.
Why ViaBTC Hedging Service?
Hedge coin price exposure
Avoid mining loss from coin price fluctuation
Lock in long-term earnings
Sell the future output at current price
Fast & convenient
Use hedging coins as margin and settle in USDT
How to apply?
01Submit application and pay margin
02ViaBTC sells your hedging asset for USDT
03ViaBTC allocates USDT to your hedging account and freezes it
04You get unfrozen USDT after repaying hedging asset and interest
For example
Assuming the current price of BTC is 10,000 USDT and you're satisfied with it, you can use Hedging Service to prevent loss from future price drop.
If you mine 1 BTC per day on average, you can mine 30 BTC in 30 days. Under this Service, you can transfer in a small amount of BTC as margin to hedge 30 BTC, and get 300,000 USDT by selling BTC at the current price. Also, you're able to enable Auto Repayment to repay 1 BTC per day and pay off after 30 days. At that time, if BTC price declines to 8,000 USDT, then you earn 60,000 USDT (regardless of other costs).
1. Is there any hedging limit?
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3. Is there any margin requirement for using hedging service?
4. Can I transfer out my profit (USDT) immediately after selling hedging coins?
5. What is Auto Repayment?
6. Is there any hedging term limit?
7. Will I be charged from using the Service?