ViaBTC pool supports two payment methods: PPS+ (default) and PPLNS. You can go to "Settings" to choose the method you prefer based on your risk tolerance.

PPS+ (Pay Per Share Plus) is an enhancement of the conventional PPS method, with an additional allocation of transaction fees. With PPS+, the pool pays the miners for each valid share they submit – like the pool is hiring them, and therefore miners will enjoy a stable payout. The pool bears all the risks of bad luck and orphaned blocks, hence a higher fee. Transaction fees will be allocated to miners by PPLNS as below.

PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) is calculated by the proportion of miners’ hashrates in the pool’s total in the last N difficulty rounds, when a block is found. Transaction fees will be allocated to miners too. The pool charges a small fee for daily operation and maintenance. With PPLNS, miners’ payout is connected to blocks found. Miners may face unstable yields but in the long run they will enjoy higher payouts.