• What does “Reject Rate” mean and how is it calculated? open/fold

    The mechanism for a mining pool is that the pool continues to send out calculation tasks to miners and miners submit results to the pool. But sometimes when network delay happens, miners’ submissions during the period won’t be admitted by the pool as it has gone invalid. Reject rate is invalid submissions against the total.

  • What does “Luck” mean and how is it calculated? Why does “Luck” fluctuate so frequently? open/fold

    Luck=Mining Difficulty/Work Shares of A Pool. The less shares the pool contributes, the luckier it is. Luck is an important factor for mining and it fluctuates frequently. But in the long run, the average luck will be close to 100%.

  • When do you pay out my daily earnings? open/fold

    We pay out earnings at 10:00 AM every day (or before 6:00 PM on special occasions) with a minimum payment of 0.001 BTC. When you change your address, we will hold payouts for 3 days out of security concerns.

  • Do you charge transaction fee for payouts? open/fold

    None commission charge for payment.

  • What can I do if I can’t access port 3333? open/fold

    Please try port 443 or 25.

  • How to set mining difficulty for miners? open/fold

    Set password by “d=xxxxx” to fix the mining difficulty of a miner. Recommended difficulty=m (TH/s)*1000 (eg. for Antminer S9, m=12, d=12000).

  • How to monitor the pool’s hashrates? open/fold

    You can use Bitkan’s monitoring service with an API Key, which you can find in settings.

  • How to contact you for support? open/fold

    Please send emails to support@viabtc.com to contact us.

  • How to apply for an independent IP? open/fold

    Please contact support@viabtc.com for assistance.

  • How to install a server in my mining farm? open/fold

    Check out: mineragent

  • How to become a distributor of your cloud mining contracts? open/fold

    Please contact cloud@viabtc.com for details.